Dan’s Best of Best Hall of Fame

For more than two decades, East End businesses, venues, events, performers and more have received the designation of Dan’s Papers Best of the Best. Chosen by the public, the Dan’s Best of the Best designation has been a coveted and welcome honor for all who have won.

Over the years some have won this title numerous times and a few continue to dominate their categories every year, so Dan’s Papers has instituted a Dan’s Best of the Best Hall of Fame to pay specific homage to those who continue to rise to the top of the list every year.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame you must have won 10 times and be willing to never be eligible to run in your category again. Those inducted into the Hall of Fame will be acknowledged on the voting pages and on Dan’s Best of the Best List all year.



Tweed’s Restaurant Best Steakhouse
Daniel Pollera Best East End Artist


East End Awning Best Awning Company
Ocean Electric Best Electric Company
Paraco Gas Best Oil/Gas/Propane
Mazzu Best Caterer
Robert’s Jewelers Best Jewelry Store
New Life Crisis Best Local Band
East End Tick & Mosquito Control Best Pest Control


Crescendo Designs Best Audio / Video
Dr Alexander Covey Best Cosmetic & Laser Treatments
Mildew Busters Best Mold Inspection / Removal
Bruce Nagel Best Architect
Dr. Kenneth Mark Best Dermatologist
Unlimited Earth Care Best Landscaping Company
Flanders Best Heating & Air Conditioning
English Country Antiques Best Home Furnishings
SP&C Home Improvement Best Home Improvement
Nancy Atlas Best Female Musician