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Protecting, Nurturing and Beautifying Nature in the Hamptons Since 1980

Thank you for your interest in our company and services.

We at Nature’s Guardian believe that excellence is achieved through honest, courteous and dedicated service. Our attention is focused on providing quality services and professional job execution.  Our staff and work crews are able and willing to work very hard to meet your needs and wants.  Nature’s Guardian plans to continue to provide a high level of quality and service while carrying on its tradition of innovation and commitment to the environment.

Not only is it our business to assist nature, it is indeed what we love to do. In no other investment are returns so visible; flourishing landscapes of healthy lawns, strong trees and abundant flowers throughout the year.

We are proud to say that Nature’s Guardian  has been meeting the Hampton Community’s landscaping needs for over 35 years.

I am an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist, Certified Pesticide Applicator and Certified Organic Landscaper with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture.  I have been Protecting, Nurturing, and Beautifying Landscapes throughout Eastern Long Island.

We look forward to working with you to satisfy your specific needs.

Michael Sperber
Owner and President, Nature’s Guardian Inc.

Nature’s  Guardian  offers a wide range of services for Residential and Commercial properties in the Hamptons. From designing and installing your dream landscape, to caring for your lawn, plants and trees, our services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We have maintenance programs to meet your individual needs and budget.  Traditional and organic programs are available to care for your property.

Protecting Your Landscape
We offer a wide range of landscape design, installation and maintenance services for Residential and Commercial properties in the Hamptons. Our services include lawn care, tree care, plant care and protection for your property. In no other investment are the returns so visible – flourishing landscapes of healthy lawns, strong trees and abundant flowers.

Nurturing Your Property
Hamptons landscaper is Nature’s Guardian Inc. There is no off season when maintaining your investment. We offer traditional as well as organic fertilizer programs to care for your lawn, plants, trees, shrubs and bushes year round.

Beautifying Your Grounds
Nature’s Guardian provides Hampton landscaping services and will give you the outdoor project of your dreams from the initial consultation to the final design. Our services include land clearing, land leveling and grading, plant recommendation, selection and installation, masonry and natural stone installation, pergolas and more. We will beautify your Hampton landscaping and outdoor space so you get the property you have always wanted.

Why Organic?
Following is some information regarding organic landscaping and the different areas of organic landscape maintenance.  These areas include orchards, lawn care, soil, fertilization, and insect, disease and weed control.

Maintaining Orchards Organically
Since one of the primary purposes of orchards is for the production of food, you may want to consider an organic approach to keeping your orchard healthy.

Organic Lawn Care – An Environmentally Friendly Way to Care for Your Lawn
It’s possible to grow a pretty good lawn without insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. In order to sustain your turf without chemicals you must minimize pests and provide excellent growing conditions.

Soil pH
The pH of the soil must be adjusted to the proper level so there are fewer diseases improved nutrition and better root health. Soils with low or acid pH will need to have lime added. A pH test must be done on the soil to determine how much lime to add.

Soil Texture
Soil has sand, silt, clay and organic matter. Organic matter and clay help soil hold water and retain nutrients. Organic matter is very important in Long Island’s  sandy soil and may need to be amended with additional organic matter such as mulch.

Organic lawn care must follow proper mowing to maintain a healthy turf. Organic lawn maintenance means fertilizing with 100% natural products or not fertilizing at all.  It is recommended to maintain a three inch growing height. If it is less than that, the roots can suffer from a shortage of food. In addition, a dense growing turf holds moisture and controls weeds.

Know how to use your irrigation system to keep your turf healthy.  Improper irrigation can contribute to disease insects and stress. Irrigation should moisten the soil to about a five inch depth.

Slow release 100% natural products. Younger lawns may need to be fertilized more than older dense ones. Soil test to determine fertilizer based on nutrient needs, Compost can supply nutrients and nitrogen to turf. Choose grasses to meet the conditions of your property, different grasses have different sun requirements.

Core aerating  and  composting the top of  soil improves drainage. Trim back trees and shrubs to improve air flow. Poultry and plant meal encourages natural disease fighting organisms and to improve soil.

Ryegrass, fine fescue or tall fescue seeds have endophytes (fungi) which can resist chinch bugs and webworms. Remove grub “clumps” and reseed. Ants should be left alone, they are good turf pest predators.

The thinner the turf is the more weeds there are. The best deterrent to weeds is a thick healthy lawn. The type of weeds present will indicate whether your soil pH is too high or low.

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