AC&E Home Inspection Corp.

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Pre-Purchase Home & Engineering Inspections

A company built on Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism

NYS Licensed & Insured Engineers/ Serving all of NYS

7 days a week/ Over 100,000 Inspections performed

#1 Rated for Engineering Inspections in NYS

1)  NYS Licensed Inspectors & Engineers

2) Residential Inspections

3) Commercial Building Inspections

4) Structure Inspections

5) Pre-Listing Inspections

6) VA approved inspectors

7) NYS Licensed Termite Inspectors

8) FHA/HUD certified inspectors

9) 203k consultant inspectors

10) NYS Licensed Lead Paint Inspectors/ lead inspections

11) NYS Licensed Asbestos Inspectors /Asbestos Inspections and Demo Certifications

12) Certified for In-ground Non-Pressure EPA Approved Tank Testing

13) Oil tank locating

14) Soil testing

15) Mold Testing & Allergens testing

16) Indoor air quality to include VOC’S and formaldehyde

17) Radon Testing

18) Insurance inspections

19) Phase I Inspections

20) Phase II Inspections

21) Windstorm Inspections

22) Well Water Testing

23) Well Mapping

24) Roof Certifications / Flat roof inspections

25) EFFIS Synthetic stucco inspections

26) Cesspool Certifications

27) Final Walk-through

28) Thermal Infrared Camera inspections

29) Energy audit inspections/ Home energy tune-up

30) Expert witness

31) Forensic Inspections

32) Water damage/water leak inspections/storm damage inspections

33) Construction disputes

34) Condo reserve study

35) Bed bug testing

*1 year Termite warranty (given when initial termite inspection is free of termites)


What you are getting from our company which others are not providing to you: please read this (a personal message from the owner)

  • The most depth inspection out there~ we hear it day in and day out, this house was inspected last week and the inspector/engineers did not find half the items you did!
  • Other companies may give you a termite inspection~ but we are the ONLY ones giving a 1 year termite warranty as well, a $1500. value! With a $0 out of pocket co-pay!!
  • We are the only company doing a DEC record search for past or current oil spills on the property.
  • Lifetime tips and recalls sent to you monthly over e-mail.
  • Mover thank you rewards program
  • An inspection that is accomplished by a company with more licenses and certifications then any other company around.
  • We are inspecting the pool, if you have one
  • We are inspecting the generator, if you have one.
  • We are not only inspecting the air condition system we are taking into the account the tonnage and size of the house for proper cooling.
  • We are inspection the heating system and also determining the BTU’s and if it is sized properly.
  • We write a custom report for your home. other companies use generic software with drop down boxes and phrases to pick from.
  • We check your appliances.
  • We remove the cover off the electric panel.
  • We give you for free the buy back warrantee on the house good for 90 days from closing.
  • We work for you and only you.
  • WHEN PEOPLE SAY OH WE DO ALL THE SAME THINGS THE ANSWER IS NO THEY ARE NOT! THEY ARE WALKING AROUND. There is such a clear cut difference you will know in the 1st five minutes you hired the right company.

We are giving you a Home & Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as enrolling your home in the buy back program most others are not. What good is having an inspection done with a cheaper company, if they truly do not understand what they are looking at? they cant look for it if they are not even licensed or certified for it,  Ignorance is not bliss… it is expensive!!

 We know our inspections are far apart from any other company out there, there is a difference! Please visit our web sight for additional information.


AC&E Home Inspection Corp.
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    AC&E Home Inspection Corp.


    AC&E Home Inspection Corp.

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